Climate Change adaptation consultancy

We use sounder Climate Change scenarios combined with updated IT modelling tools to assess Climate impacts on specific regions and issues, recommending adaptation solutions to the identified Climate risks. We are experts in soil and water issues, in terms of impact from the climate.

We also help organizations to develop Climate Change dissemination and informative campaigns, using web and social media facilities.

We have a proved experience in conducting applied research. ConsulClima provides support to those organizations involved in Climate Change applied research, especially regarding European calls.

Climate Change modelling

Climate scenarios applied to risk assessments

Experts at our Climate Change adaptation consultancy are familiar with the main Climate Change scenarios and climate models. We use downscaled climate scenarios, combined with other simulation tools, to estimate climate impacts on water resources and other risk sectors. Climate variability and extreme events are considered through weather generators. We recommend the most suitable adaptation options. We also provide training regarding Climate Change scenarios and simulation models.

Climate impacts in soil and water

Climate impact assessments on water resources using hydrological models

We have a large experience in soil-water models, especially in hydrological models based in the physical laws of the soil-water-atmosphere continuum, as the SWAP model. We assess climate impact on water resources, combining climate scenarios with soil-water models and yielding suitable recommendations about water management under risky climate conditions. We are also able to give specialized lectures and particularly to collaborate in R&D activities.

Climate change dissemination

Bottom-up Climate change dissemination and informative campaigns

Many councils, charities and organizations want to develop bottom-up and locally-specific climate change dissemination and informative campaigns concerning climate change risks and  adaptation options. ConsulClima has experience in such dissemination and informative campaigns regarding climate change, especially following bottom-up approaches. We involve the target audience of such dissemination and informative campaigns, through participative methods. ConsulClima provides sound and cost-effective, based on the currently available web and social media resources and taking into account the locally relevant findings regarding Climate Change.

Supporting EU Climate-Change R&D

Support in European research and development activities regarding Climate-Change

The European Union research expenses are a significant part of the total EU budget. An important contribution is specifically addressed to support the EU climate-change research and development. ConsulClima has a significant R&D experience regarding climate change. We are aware about the most important EU research funding calls and the opportunities they arise for public and private organizations. We can support any institutions willing to be involved in EU Climate-Change applied research activities.